Business Branding Directions

Refer to Pagelines Store -> Installing Store Products to install Business Branding on your DMS site.

DMS Toolbox

Find Business Branding in DMS Toolbox

After you install open up your DMS Toolbox and go to Add Sections –> Your Sections and find Business Branding. If it is not in your sections click on Reload Section button.

Drag Business Branding into Header

Now, drag Business Branding from the DMS Toolbox into the Header area.

Drag Business Branding into Header

Editing Options

Now we are ready to edit the options and customized Business Branding.  Hover over the Business Branding Section in the Header and to the right corner you will see a series of buttons. Click on the one that looks like a pencil.

Edit Business Branding Options

Business Branding has 3 sections to work with:

  • Branding Logo and Site Title: Display options for logo and site title/description.
  • Image and Code Area: Great for advertising banners and other iframe or html code. Displays next to Branding area.
  • Info Area and Social Icons: Displays on the right side of Business Branding. Display up to 6 lines of additional information and also social media icons.

NOTE: Each area can span a number of columns with the total columns being 12. By default each area is set to span 4 columns. If you are not using the Image/Code area then the Branding and Info Areas can total 12.

Background Options


Business Branding’s background is transparent by default, picking up the background color of your site/header area or background image. You are able to set a background color for the section as well as the option to extend the background color full width of header area.

The Branding area is setup to show your site title and description by default.

Number of Columns to Span

The default number of rows to span is 4 out of 12. Select the number of columns based on your logo and site title position.

Upload Logo

If you have a logo, upload it and the site title/description disappears.

Display Site Title and/or Description with Logo

Want to display both your logo and site title, click on Display Site Title with Logo. To display the site description click on Display Site Description with Logo.

Site Title and Description Color

Change the color of the site title and description text.

Site Title/Description Margins

Use the top and left margin options for finer control of placement next to logo. If nothing is entered in this area it won’t display in Business Branding.

PageLines- Branding_Logo_and_Title_Area.png
PageLines- Image_and_Code_Area.png

Number of Columns to Span

The default number of rows to span is 4 out of 12. Select the number of columns based on size of image or other content in this area.

Upload an Image

If you have an image that you want displayed, upload it here. Note that you are responsible for sizing the photo before upload — you can’t resize the photo after upload.

Enter Image Link

If you want the image to link to another page or site, enter the link here.

Text, HTML or iFrame code

Here you can enter text, HTML or iFrame code to display in header. Shortcodes also work in this area.

Top and Left Margins

Fine tool your layout with top and left margin options.

Info Lines is a great place to put your business contact information, and call to action buttons (yes, you can use shortcodes and html in each line). Info Lines displays to the right of the Business Branding Section. If no information is entered, this area won’t display.

Info Lines Options

Number of Columns to span

Default is 4.

Info Text Color

Controls the color of the info lines, icons and Font Awesome social media icons.

Number of lines to configure

Default is 3. You can configure up to 6 lines of text.

Info Text Justify

Default is right. You can also set justification to left and center.

Top Margin

Fine tune your layout by controlling the position of info lines and social icons with a top margin.

Info Text Options

Select an icon (Optional). Can display an icon like a phone or envelope next to the info line text.

Info Line Text. Enter your text here. You can use HTML and shortcodes as well.

Info Text Style. Default is p for paragraph size. Can choose from the different header styles.

Info Line
PageLines- social_links.png

Social icons display to the right of the Business Branding Section and under the Info Lines if there are any.

Font Awesome or Image Icons

Default is Font Awesome or if you would like change to stock images for the icons.

Icon Font Size

Default is 24px. Change to make larger smaller.

Show RSS Link

Will display your RSS feed link.

Social Network URLs

For each social icon you want to display, enter the complete url.