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Works with posts and custom post types

  • Filter by categories, taxonomy terms or tags
  • Exclude or include categories, terms or tags
  • Hide child categories and terms
  • Use on Blog Page or Custom Post Type Archive
  • Or use on a Page Template


  • Useful when you want to limit the number of posts displayed
  • Not necessary though since Filtering will bring the items into focus when filtered
  • Caveat on pagination: Only the categories/terms/tags that are found on the page show in Filtering Navigation

Display options help you get the look you want

  • Set width of each item
  • Show the featured image, post title and/or excerpt. Your choice.
  • Change the Show All Word to match your site’s content
  • Use post thumbnail or set your image size
  • Upload a default image that displays if a post doesn’t have a featured image
  • Add a custom class to style Filtering to your taste

Filtering Directions


Refer to Pagelines Store -> Installing Store Products to install Business Branding on your DMS site.

Find Filtering in DMS Toolbox

Filtering in DMS Toolbox
After you install open up your DMS Toolbox and go to Add Sections –> Your Sections and find Filtering. If it is not in your sections click on Reload Section button.

Drag Filtering into Template Area

Drag Filtering into Template

Now, drag Filtering from the DMS Toolbox into the Template Area.

Filtering Options

Editing Filtering Options

Now that Filtering is in your template, hover over the section till you see the icons appear in the right hand corner of the section. Click on he icon that looks like a pencil to edit the options.



Filtering Options Panel

Filtering Options Panel

Filtering Setup Options

  • Select post type. Post is the default. Will also show any public custom post types registered in your child theme or plugins.
  • Select taxonomy. Category is default. Can select post-tags and custom taxonomies. On custom taxonomies make sure they belong to the post type you selected.

Exclude/Include terms

  • Enter categories, terms or tags to exclude or include. Separate each term/phrase with a comma. Leave blank to include all.
  • Select Exclude (default) or Include for the phrases enter.
  • Exclude child categories/terms. Check this if you only want to show top level items.

Filtering Navigation Options

  • Select Horizontal (Default) or Vertical Menu.  Vertical menu is the same as the mobile menu, a drop down select menu.
  • Disable Mobile Menu. Check this option if you don’t want to use the mobile menu on smaller screens.

Post Options

  • Image Display Options. Show Image on Top is default. Can have Image Only or Text Only.
  • Show Post Date and Author. Shows under the title of post.
  • Enter the Date Format. Default is  F j, Y which would return December 31, 2010. Reference the date formats in the WordPress Codex.
  • Show the Excerpt.
  • Excerpt Length. Default is 20 words. Just enter a number.
  • Continue Reading Phrase. Enter a phrase for continue reading if displaying excerpt.

Filtering Display Options

  • Width of Each Item (Default 250px). Enter a number here if want it different from default. Do not put the px in, just the number.
  • Word/Phrase for All Items (Default is Show All). Enter a phrase to replace the default Show All for displaying all items.
  • Order Posts By. Post ID is default. Choose to show posts by title, date, last modified or random.
  • Select Sort Order. Descending is Default.

Extra Image Options

Image size by default is thumbnail size set in Settings –> Media. However you can choose for the images to be larger (or smailler).

  • Maximum Image Width. Enter the maximum width for each image.
  • Maximum Image Height. Enter a maximum height for each image.
  • Upload Default Image. Upload an image that is used when no thumbnail present.
  • Add Image Frame. Check to put a frame around each image.


Filtering works best without pagination, displaying all posts on the page. But you can set the number of posts per page. If you choose to use Pagination you cannot select a number less than what you have set in Settings –> Reading.