Install Footer Extras as described in Pagelines Store Docs.

After installing and activating the Footer Extras DMS plugin go to the DMS Toolbox and select Global Options. Under Global Options you will see Footer Extras DMS.


Copyright Dates

Check the box if you want to display a copyright notice in your footer. The copyright dates are generated dynamically from the first page/post  to last page/post published date. You have the option of entering in a different start date for your copyright as well as text to show after the copyright.


Business NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

Check the box if you want to display your Business NAP in your footer. Footer Extras DMS marks up the Business NAP with local business schema which lets search engines like Google know this is a local business. Even if you are not a local business you may still want to add your Business NAP. If you want to add your location coordinates, that markup helps place your business on maps like Google Maps.

Additional Information

Want to thank your website designer or add an affiliate link at the bottom of your website? This line is for that kind of information.


Footer extras aligns by default to the left but you can have it center align or right align as well.